Something is Rotten in Durban (paperback)


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Something is Rotten in Durban: Combatting the scourge of illegal dumping in South Africa

ISBN: 978-0620880428

PAGES: 200

The untimely death of three year-old Jordan Lewis is proof that the implementation of environmental laws in South Africa is failing the most vulnerable individuals of our society. Her death is confirmation that the unlawful disposal of waste has become problematic and uncontrollable.

Something is Rotten in Durban delves into the drivers of illegal dumping in South Africa and exposes some of the serious shortcomings in environmental governance by revealing what is rotten within the State.

Something is Rotten in Durban explores how we can fix the “broken windows” and find a “solution for the pollution”. Ultimately, it is our desire to maintain law and order and keep our neighbourhoods clean and healthy, which will determine the extent to which we charge ahead in the war against illegal dumping.

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