Something is Rotten in Durban (e-Book)

Something is Rotten in Durban (e-Book)

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Something is Rotten in Durban: Combatting the scourge of illegal dumping in South Africa

The untimely death of three year-old Jordan Lewis is proof that the implementation of environmental laws in South Africa is failing the most vulnerable individuals of our society. Her death is confirmation that the unlawful disposal of waste has become problematic and uncontrollable.

Whether you’re a novice or expert in waste management or environmental law, “Something is Rotten in Durban” provides insight into :
1. The specific drivers of illegal dumping in South Africa and the factors driving waste generation on the African continent.
2. The challenges facing waste management in South Africa.
3. What’s going wrong in the Healthcare Waste industry
4. The role of municipalities in illegal waste activities.
5. The Fifty Shades of Waste (the various waste types )
6. What’s really Rotten in Durban.
7. A comprehensive look at the laws governing illegal dumping and waste management.
8. A detailed look at the environmental impacts associated with illegal dumping of waste.
9. Environmental enforcement, the Green Scorpions and why they are an under-utilised tool in South Africa.
10. The challenges in environmental enforcement, corruption in the waste sector, and why majority of provincial environmental departments are incapable of rising up to the challenge posed by illegal dumping.
11. A comprehensive look at law enforcement tools which can be used to combat illegal dumping, as well as civil and criminal remedies and some important court precedents.
12. The Broken Windows Theory and how, despite its shortcomings in the US, it can be adapted for use in South Africa to tackle illegal dumping and deterioration of our neighbourhoods.
13. The important role of civil society groups in upholding the environmental rights of
14. A solution for the pollution – how we can tackle illegal dumping using a proactive approach


2 reviews for Something is Rotten in Durban (e-Book)

  1. Janet (London)

    If you want an interesting read that will give you that push to do something for your environment, that this is the one !

  2. Jacqueline, UK

    This is an absolute must-read for South Africans and a real education for everyone else.

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