Something is Rotten in Durban

The untimely death of three year-old Jordan Lewis is proof that the implementation of environmental laws in South Africa is failing the most vulnerable individuals of our society. Her death is confirmation that the unlawful disposal of waste has become problematic and uncontrollable.
Read about why illegal dumping is a growing problem in South Africa, what's rotten in the city of Durban, and how we can tackle illegal dumping using a proactive approach.

Reviewing EIAs

An indispensable guide in assisting environmental assessment practitioners, reviewing authorities and the general public in reviewing EIA reports. This book shows you how to engage and comment on EIA processes, by reviewing EIA reports. If you are involved in Environmental Management or you’ve just graduated and looking to brush up on your EIA reviewing skills, this book could be a valuable asset to you. It shows you how to read, understand and critically review environmental impact assessments as well as what to consider when drafting comments on an EIA report.

Environmental Screening

The ability to screen a proposed project for EIA and environmental requirements is a must for anyone who wants to be a successful Environmental Assessment Practitioner. This book teaches you the importance of environmental screening and the benefits for EAPs and their clients. It teaches you how to screen proposed projects and what tools can be used to conduct a successful environmental screening exercise. Launching soon !

This is what readers had to say...

March 18, 2021
Thank you for a great publication! I just bought it and read it in just over an hour. As an EAP I can relate to every aspect of it. I thank you for including the various perspectives which makes for a good source of how to conduct a good EIA. It will also assist me in training junior EAPs, as the writing style is simple, effective and understandable – like the way an EIA report should be written.

Sheldon, Pr.Sci.Nat
February 11, 2021
I will definitely recommend this book. Very insightful…loved the resources that were also offered in the book. A must read…great tool…